Last year I was asked by my friends at thelittlesage to share my blending process in accordance to the luna cycle. Over the years through experimentation, research and guidance I came up with TeaCoup Alkimiya” – an infusion of the rhythm of the Vedas, the values of Cha Tao (The Way of Tea) and the Sufi Jewels of Gratitude. This is observed in accordance with cyclical rhythms of nature, it is a spiritual practice that awakens the power of awareness and a joyful response to life!


New Moon – Gathering For Amavasya

  • At the time of the new crescent moon my tea vessel is empty. During this time the values of Cha Tao start fill my teacup.
  • Meditation – I ask myself what are my desires for the next 14 days? What is available in nature for me to create, what is brewing, what am I steeping toward?
  • During the waxing moon as the crescent increases, the body and mind absorbs everything you put in it.
  • “Virtue and Vitality”- striving to create something good with clarity. This is the time when I write down my tea formulations and experiment with their taste and function.
  • It is also a time when I purify my tea hut and cleanse my tea bowls and utensils.

11th day after the New Moon

“Methodology” – in the Kundalini Yoga tradition this is the day when you are in balance. All my teas, herbs and spices have arrived all my labels are printed and packaging is hand stamped. It is a great day to have bowls of tea and connect with nature.

Harvesting for the Purnima – Full Moon

Cha Tao value of “tradition” takes place here – honouring that which has come before and the generations to come. The Full Moon is traditionally a time of culmination of energies. We often find that our energy level is at its highest during this cycle of the moon. The three nights of the illuminating light of the full moon is when I blend my teas. It has really become a beautiful joyous time for me as well as my family.

Bathing the teas in the moonlight – Third night full moon

On the third night full moon is when the Sufi Jewel of Gratitude takes place – all the jars of blended teas and tisanes are displayed on a special mandala that my daughter draws for them to bath in the moonlight. TeaCoup’s Alkimiya is like a spider gracefully making its webs on the night of the new crescent moon, you start with clarity, focus, stability, discipline and courage you continue up to the 14th day when only then you bask in your beautiful created silk mandala under the light of the full moon.

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