“I was lucky enough to come across Tea Coup in a health food market in Adelaide and I was immediately drawn to these unique blends. Drinking this tea was the most magical experience, so it was my natural inclination to find out more about the magic behind these perfect blends. I reached out to Fehreen and it was a combination of her passion, dedication and experience in Ayurveda, plant medicine and spiritual evolution that I knew that we had to work together on Bodyism / Clean and Lean’s next project: Wellness Teas. To collaborate on this venture, Fehreen had to consider it thoughtfully, so if she were to accept, I would be one of the lucky few! So keeping faith and positive and reassuring that our philosophy and intentions were in line, she humbly accepted and my dream came true.

It was then time for the fun part… formulating and blending. This was a lovely process combining all the functions I wanted the teas to have with an element of mine and my family’s life and history. Fehreen quickly and intuitively knew what my vision was and in a seamless, swift and effortless process, the blends were completed to perfection and have now gone to market. I am infinitely grateful to Fehreen on so many levels from my personal wellbeing to our business success. Thank you and infinite love and gratitude.”

~Christiane Duigan, Director of Bodyism Global Ltd

The one thing I deeply love about Tea Coup is the philosophy and practice that goes behind the creation of such divine products. Fehreen is truly knowledgeable and passionate about her offerings and tea creations. Her training and appreciation of Ayurveda is of high value in the realm of creating healing teas for us all to enjoy. As someone who has drunk a lot of tea, completed formal tea training and as a student of Ayurveda myself, I confidently believe in the quality and integrity of Tea Coup. I’m so excited to see what Fehreen has in store for the future.”

Amy Landry Yoga / Ayurveda / Health / Wellness / www.amyelandry.com

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Tea Coup to me is nurturing, flavoursome, fun, colourful, with depth and a story. Every ingredient is touched with the hands of love. Every concoction is blended with the touch of ritual. Every blend is a beautiful and unique story. Tea Coup tea is on the highest mountain peak and brings me great love and joy to experience.”

Kim Thomas / Kahuna massage / www.thekahunaconnection.com