Health Advice Disclaimer

We are all responsible for our individual health and well-being. Information contained in this site should not be substituted for advice from your doctor. Women who are pregnant or breast feeding should consultant a doctor before drinking Tea Coup’s teas and tisanes.

Product Disclaimer

As an Ayurvedic Teaologist my teas are organic and hand-blended, I do my very best in obtaining fair trade organic teas, herbs and spices. Occasionally there might be changes with my suppliers and due to seasonal variations that may make a product unavailable.

If a product is ordered and paid for but is unavailable, Tea Coup will contact you and discuss whether you would like a substitute product or wait until the product is back in stock.

General Disclaimer

The information contained on this website is for the awareness of Ayurveda- India’s ancient art of healing.

All recipes have been tested and are considered safe, however since some people are more sensitive than others, please taste test before using any of our products.