Zingara – Wild Woman

zingara hibiscus tea

Zingara – Wild Woman


100% Organic: hibiscus, spearmint, ginger, licorice, moringa

Product Description

Zingara (Italian for gypsy women) was the inspiration behind this blend. Filled with colour, warmth, spice and sweetness this infusion will uplift and energise any mood.

This tea is caffeine free.


100% Organic: hibiscus, spearmint, ginger, licorice, moringa

Brewing Guide

Water Temperature: 90°C
Tea Quantity: One cup = 1 tsp, One pot = 1-2 tsp
Brewing Time: 3-5 minutes

Additional Information


Tin – 50 serves – 120g, Refill – 30 serves – 80g


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