Dragon Well Green Tea Long Jing Xi Hu


INGREDIENTS: Organic Green tea
Weight: 40g


A popular green tea with a vibrant colour, loved by many emperors and served to world leaders. After the water has boiled, pour it into a cup first to cool the water slightly. Then immediately pour the water onto the tea leaves to make the tea. Steep for 1 minute. The leaves can be reused for another brew or two. Boiling water will burn the leaf and cause bitterness!


100% Organic Green tea

Brewing Guide

Water Temperature: 70°C
Tea Quantity: One cup = 1 tsp, One pot = 1-2 tsp
Brewing Time: 1-2 minutes – Green tea tastes the best without over-brewing.

Additional information


Tin – 50 serves – 120g, Refill – 30 serves – 60g


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